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For short stays of up to 90 days

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Schengen visas allow people to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days every six-month period. 
As a German Embassy we are responsible for processing your application if Germany, Belgium, Iceland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway or Denmark  is your main Destination.

Preparing your application

Please prepare your application as follows:

  •  Please fill out the visa application form.
  • https://videx.diplo.de/videx/desktop/index.html#start
  • Please compile the documents you need to submit with your application. If documents or supporting documentation are missing, your application may be rejected. We have prepared a checklist for each type of visa.
  • Please make an appointment to submit your application. You may submit your application three months before the start of your planned trip at the earliest.

Important information:

Not all countries of the European Union are members of the Schengen area! If you hold a residence permit of a EU country (temporary or permanent) which is not a member of the Schengen area (e.g. Cyprus) you need a visa to travel to the Schengen area!

Please note: A Schengen visa does not entitle its holder to permanent residence in the above mentioned countries, whether for study, employment or settlement. If you plan to stay in one of the above-mentioned countries for more than 90 days, please contact the Embassy of the country in question for further Information.

Once the visa has been issued or after having arrived in the Schengen territory, the purpose of the journey may not be altered. If your purpose of stay is any other than tourism or business please contact the relevant Embassy to find out about the requirements for the appropriate visa.

Please do not send the Visa Section any documents unless requested to do so, particularly not before you have applied for a visa. We are not able to store such documents and will not know to which application they belong. Please always bring all the necessary documents with you to your appointment.

Submitting your application

In order to submit your application, please attend your appointment at the Embassy in person. During this appointment, we kindly ask you to submit all of your application documents, pay the fee and answer questions about your planned trip. Your photograph and fingerprints will also be taken on this occasion.

The following documents should be submitted in original plus one photocopy:

  • recent photograph (full frontal picture, light background, size of face min. 34 mm, no tinted glasses)
  • passport with at least two blank pages, the validity date of which must exceed the visa’s validity for at least three months, and which may not be older than 10 years at the expiry of the visa
  • the Alien Registration Card of the Republic of Cyprus (ARC) as well as the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP, also called „Pink Paper"), the validity date of which must exceed the visa’s validity for at least three months
  • proof of valid individual or group travel health insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment and valid throughout the territory of the Member States applying in full the provisions of the Schengen acquis and cover the entire period of the person’s stay. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30.000,-.
  • proof of sufficient financial funds (e.g. bank statements of the last 6 months, bank letter, information on salary, or declaration of support of the host)
  • proof of the applicant’s employment/educational and/or residential situation in Cyprus
  • invitation letters
  • declaration of support of the host (in case sufficient funds are not proven by applicant), according to Section 66-68 Aliens' Act
  • registration of the company; letter from the employer in Cyprus stating position in company and reasons for travel
  • proof of accommodation in case of tourist visa (e.g. hotel voucher)
  • flight reservation
  • for students: results of studies in Cyprus of the past semesters (transcript)
  • Documents issued by the authorities in the applicant`s country of residence must be authenticated according to international agreements (Apostille) or must be legalized by the EU-Embassy or Consulate. In case the documents are not in German, English or Greek, please submit a translation for every document.
  • Minors (children under 18 years of age) must submit the written consent of both parents or of other persons having the care or custody of the minor. If those persons are not living in Cyprus, they should send the written consent legalized by an EU-Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. Documents issued by the authorities in the applicant’s country of residence must be authenticated according to international agreements (Apostille) or must be legalized by an EU-Embassy or Consulate.
  • Family members of EU-citizens, who travel together with the EU family member, will only have to present their passport, photograph, yellow/pink paper, marriage or birth certificate and passport plus copy of passport of the EU-citizen they are dependent on.

Please note: Additional documents may be required. Submitting a complete application does not guarantee a visa.

What happens during processing?

The Embassy will review your application and make a decision on whether or not to grant you a visa. To this end, it will assess whether your application meets the legal requirements. Processing generally takes 2 weeks. We hope you will understand that we are not able to answer any questions on the status of your application during this processing period. After that, enquiries can only be answered if they are made by the applicant, his/her legal representative or another person authorised in writing by the applicant.

Return of your passport

As soon as the Embassy has decided on your application, you can collect your passport. You should collect your passport in person. If you are not able to collect it yourself, you can authorise another person to collect it for you. In order to do so, please fill out an authorization letter.

There are various reasons why your visa application may be rejected. The reasons will be stated in the letter notifying you that your application has been rejected.
You are welcome to submit a new application at any time with complete, informative and verifiable documentation.

Visa application desk in the British Compound in North Nicosia

The visa desk in the British Compound in North Nicosia is closed from 20.12.2018- 08.01.2019.


All applicants who are able to cross the "green line" (demarcations line) to the Southern part of the island, are obliged to come to the Embassy for visa application.

Applications at the Visa Application Desk in North Nicosia are restricted to applicants who cannot cross to the South.

Submission of Schengen Visa applications, information and consular matters only with APPOINTMENT!

Please book your appointment here: nordbuero.diplo.de@gmail.com

The visa procedure takes 20 working days (4 weeks).

Due to the scanning of fingerprints processing the visa application is more time-consuming.

Please apply in due time!

Only applicants with the online videx form will be admitted to submit their applications!

Please fill in the form correctly and print it out to present it at the Embassy with all other documents. You will see that there is a barcode on the application form. This facilitates the entering of the data in the Embassy's computer system. With this method we hope to be able to reduce the waiting time at the Embassy.

Longterm national visas for Germany (e.g. students, work or family unification) can only be applied for at the German Missions in Turkey.

Have a good trip! Information for visa holders

If all the information on your visa label is correct, you are free to travel. Please check the information on the label as soon as your passport is returned to you. You should let us know immediately if there are any mistakes so that we can issue you a new visa.
Your visa will state your full name and passport number and include your photo. It will also state the period of validity. This is the time period in which you can travel. In addition, it will state the maximum number of days you can stay in the Schengen area during the period of validity of your visa.

Please note that being granted a Schengen visa does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the Schengen area.

The final decision on whether or not you will be allowed to enter the Schengen area will be made by the border police on your arrival. When you arrive, the border police may ask you to present additional documentation alongside your passport and valid visa with information on your financial means, the length and purpose of your stay, and your health insurance cover. You should therefore take a copy of your visa documents (including an invitation from Germany, hotel reservation and travel health insurance) with you on your trip.

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