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23.01.2020 - Article

Welcome to Germany!

Please check the following list if you are a national of one of the countries who need a visa in order to enter Germany:


The type of visa you require depends on how long you plan to stay. Are you planning a short visit to Germany, e.g. for a holiday or business? Or would you like to stay longer, e.g. to attend university?
Please choose how long you are planning to stay:

Short stay (maximum of 90 days, e.g. for a holiday or business trip)

Long stay (more than 90 days, e.g. to attend university, work or join a family member in Germany)

As of 1 January 2020, appointments for the application of visas can only be made via our appointment system, for applications directly at the Embassy as well as at our visa Office in North-Nicosia. Please use the link below.

Appointments for visa applications

Please note that applications for a visa for a long stay cannot be placed at our office in North-Nicosia. You have to apply at the Embassy. If you cannot come to the Embassy, please contact one of our offices in Turkey.

Special instructions due to the COVID-19-Pandemic:

  • Please note that the Embassy can only allow healthy applicants into the Embassy. To this end the Embassy may take your temperature; you will have to bring and wear a protective mask; entry will otherwise not be permitted.
  • The number of persons allowed in the Embassy at the same time is limited for the safety of everybody concerned. Please come alone and in time for your appointment. You will be able to enter the building only in time for your appointment, not before. Should you arrive earlier, please wait outside until the time of the appointment. Thank you for your co-operation.

Additional content

Here you can choose an appointment and find links for important information for your application.

It is no longer possible to arrange appointments via e-mail. Please note the processing times and arrange for an early appointment.

Appointments for visa applications can be made via our website atwww.nikosia.diplo.de/appointments

Which visa do I need for Germany?

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